Vidya Balan’s Shakuntala Devi Movie Review & Rating

Shakuntala Devi Movie Review: Being a biopic, it is all about the Indian Human Computer Shakuntala Devi and her life story. This movie showcases us how a Brahmin girl who was born in Karnataka competes with a computer with her Math skills with no formal education. Coming to her career, she was a genius but when we speak about her personal life, it's definitely not a bed of roses.

When we go with the story, it is a life journey of a mathematician who is a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. Going with the first half, we will witness the success ride of great Mathematician Shakuntala Devi. Director showed off how a small village girl surprises her father with her ace Math knowledge. Then slowly she grows up and at the age of five she awestruck all and sundry by the cube root of an eight-digit number. This itself makes us know her talent. Then within 15 minutes into the flick, Shakuntala Devi flies to London and spellbinds 'girl in choti doing Maths'… Her masti, enjoyment and happy rides make us witness success side of Shakuntala Devi. Then with the help of Javier (Luca Calvani), she also concentrates and learns more about communication skills and turns perfect.

Then we will move to the second half of the movie, well unlike the first half success ride, Shakuntala Devi movie showcases the ups and downs of her personal life in the second part. Her bond with daughter Anupama and husband Paritosh Banerji makes us go teary-eyed. One should watch the movie and know why did the world's best mathematician struggle to own a place in her own daughter's heart.

Now we will speak about performances of the ensemble cast…

Vidya Balan: This Bollywood ace actress is always known for her ace acting skills and coming to this movie, it is a biopic. Vidya Balan stepped into the shoes of Shakuntala Devi and did her best. Be it anger, love, regret or grief, all the emotions were portrayed perfectly. She definitely amazed us with her Math skills and spellbound us by solving tricky and hard problems. Her British accent made us go jaw dropped and her journey from a 5-year-old kid to a grandmother, made us witness the complete life journey of Shakuntala Devi on the big screens. One definitely bows for the ace performance of Vidya Balan and turns into her fan with this movie.

Sanya Malhotra: She is definitely a surprise package in the movie… This 28-year-old girl turned into the 16-year daughter of Shakuntala Devi (Anupama Banerjee) and made us know how a daughter fought with herself whenever she missed her mother. She fits the perfect bill and awestruck us portraying the roles of a schoolgirl to a girlfriend. Finally, we need to see how a mother wins the daughter's heart.

Jisshu Sengupta: Next in the line is Jisshu… He essayed the role of Shakuntala Devi's husband. He introduces himself as IAS Paritosh Banerji and then we witness a caring dad… He takes care of her daughter when Shakuntala Devi is busy in conquering the world. There will be a few scenes where he struggles between his daughter and wife. He also tries his best to support both of them. From a loving husband to a caring father, Jisshu essayed an awesome supporting role in the movie.

Amit Sadh: Finally, we need to speak about Amit Sadh who essayed the role of Ajay Abhay Kumar. He will be seen as the love interest of Anupama Banerjee in the movie. He makes us smile with his performance and stoles the hearts with his perfect chemistry with Sanya.

Not to forget about the background score and peppy and emotional songs… Music director Karan Kulkarni scored perfect tunes for the songs composed by Sachin – Jigar. These dance numbers will stay for a longer time in the hearts of the audience.

Our final words about the movie are: "Mothers are always angels to us and after watching the movie, everyone will definitely observe and understand their 'Mother' closely for sure…"