MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

MyVoice is to lift up the voices and experiences

Nature conservation is nation conservation

World Nature Conservation Day was celebrated on July 28 all over the world for protecting the natural resources and increasing awareness among people in the society.

Nature conservation is plays vital role for the improve better living condition and establishes better society for the development of human beings as well as animals, creatures in the nature. Conservation of nature is our primary responsibility because today's generation is facing many problems due to pollution.

Human beings always try to damage the nature in the name of development. If the nature is well, then human beings as well as animals in the world are safe. If nature loses its identity, certainly impact goes in human beings and animals. The impact of the pollution is spoiling our daily lives.

It is not possible for the single candidate or governments to protest nature. The Central and State governments enacted Acts for protection of the nature and have been implementing many schemes and programmes for years together.

But results are not satisfactory but there is no alternative way to protect the nature. We have to sensitize the people and make propaganda about the causes of environmental problems. Each and every human being should try to protect the nature and its allies for the sake of future generations as well as the society.

In Telangana, the State government has been implementing schemes and programmes like Haritha Haram and Mission Kakatiya for the protection of nature and better living conditions in the State.

The Telangana government has inaugurated Kaleshwaram Project for supply of waters to the farmers for cultivation needs and provides drinking water also.

All human beings must unite for the cause of the conservation of the nature. Join hands together and fight for the cause and protect ourselves.

A Shyam Kumar, Hanmakonda

Scattered Opposition can't uphold national spirit

Though the Opposition was briefly united on seeking PM Modi's clarification on US President Donald Trump's offer of mediation in Kashmir and on the extension of Parliament session until August 7, the unity soon frittered away as the government refused to budge.

That led to a quick change of strategy with leaders agreeing to corner the government for "disregarding parliamentary conventions in pushing its legislative agenda". The Friday letter of 17 non-NDA leaders to Naidu was a result of this altered strategy.

Opposition leaders are furious at delays in the constitution of parliamentary standing committees. Committee constitution has been delayed in the past until September and the government was well within its rights to bring Acts replacing many pending ordinances.

Further, the smooth run of the Lok Sabha is also being attributed to new Speaker Om Birla striking a balancing act and giving both the Opposition and the Government equal opportunity to speak. There is now less rancour in LS, less disruptions and much more debate.

The government, for its part, is playing strategically by bringing all the contentious legislations to the Lok Sabha first, and by forcing the Opposition on the defensive.

The Congress has found itself on the backfoot on many an occasion in Lok Sabha. For example, the party kept saying it was not against the triple talaq Bill as a whole but was against only a specific clause criminalising the husband's act of divorce. But when it came to voting, the Congress walked out.

Likewise, party MP Manish Tewari opposed the NIA Amendment Bill saying it would turn the nation into a police State.

But when AIMIM's Asaduddin Owaisi sought a sudden division, the Congress ended up voting for the Bill because the NIA was established by the UPA. Ununified Opposition will lead to nation's ruin.

Sukanya Vadlamani, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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