Hyderabad: Al-ain, Saif-ain Colonies bereft of basic amenities

Jalpally municipality

Jalpally municipality


  • Un-metalled main roads, gravel-filled & dirt-ridden streets not suitable even for walking
  • Piled-up rubble coupled with scattered garbage every few metres cause severe hardship to the dwellers
  • Overflowing sewage & open manholes continue to pose a danger

Jalpally: Rubbing shoulders with a cosmopolitan city like Hyderabad does not seem to be helping areas of Jalpally municipality in getting rid of civic issues as most colonies are still reeling under poor conditions while some have become victims of administrative failure.

Along the lines of neighbouring Errakunta area, the colonies in ward 8 too face a slew of civic issues which have not been at all addressed for years. Lack of administrative patronage makes the areas a synonym for impoverished habitation close to Hyderabad

Un-metalled main roads, gravel-filled and dirt-ridden streets not suitable even for walking, piled-up rubble coupled with scattered garbage every few metres, overflowing sewage and open manholes are the scenes that depict the colonies' dismal state.

Most streets are like desert tracts where only cattle can make strides. Such is the unhygienic condition that gray water from houses mark way straight down to the end passing all the way from uphill to down leaving all streets filled with stinking smell. Fragile health care system coupled with mosquito and canine menace adds to woes of the locals.

Expressing displeasure over the way the municipality is being run without proper planning and leadership, Mohammed Abdul Bari, a social activist said, "Due to negligence or lack of proper representation these colonies have turned into rubble of misery."

Despite several representations, he said, no measures were taken to redress issues. "Leave alone providing better amenities, the Al-ain and Saif-ain Colonies don't have proper basic facilities, like sewage lane and sanitation" rued Abdul Bari.

Corroborating, Samad Bin Siddiq, a former ward member of Errakunta said "Areas of Jalpally municipality, especially Errakunta, Al-ain, Saif Al-ain and neighbouring colonies need an early attention of higher authorities, as the local administration has completely failed to address grievances of the locals."

Ridiculing the wrestling competition being planned this month in the area, he said, "Jalpally needs a wrestling-like approach to ensure a holistic development of all colonies, instead of arm-twisting."

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