Hyderabad: Cyber fraudsters go a step further posing as delivery boys

Cyber fraudsters (Representational Image)

Cyber fraudsters (Representational Image)


Name any modus-operandi and it is available at point blank range with cyber crooks.

Hyderabad: Name any modus-operandi and it is available at point blank range with cyber crooks. They are getting ahead of time and planning new ways of cheating gullible persons by directly coming in contact with customers on the pretext of being delivery boys and asking for OTP.

An officer from Cybercrime, who wished to remain anonymous, said that recently the department received a complaint from a person stating that he got a call from a delivery boy who wanted to hand over a product. But when the complainant informed him that he did not order anything from any e-commerce website, he insisted on delivery.

The officer added, "the complainant assumed that his family members might have ordered something. He directed the boy to his house. Upon reaching the house, the boy scanned the QR code on the product and asked for an OTP from the victim, who provided it.

The boy then handed over the product and left. Within a few minutes the victim got a message that Rs.116,845 has been deducted from his account. When he checked the bank statements he was astonished to figure out that his account was hacked because he shared the OTP."

When the victim opened the parcel, which he got from the delivery boy, it contained only useless stuff and waste papers. He filed a police complaint and a case was registered.

"It is hereby urged to every citizen that they should not be tricked to such kind of antics by cyber fraudsters. If they get a doubt about any such misdeeds they should immediately alert the police," said the officer.

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