Hyderabad: Fake travel agents on police radar again

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  • Many are luring students on the pretext of arranging visas to European countries and the US
  • They are even making fake certificates to help students obtain visas
  • Recently, a gang of fake certificate makers was arrested from Warangal

Hyderabad: The fake travel agents are again on the radar of city police as the department received complaints against them indulging in luring students on the pretext of arranging visas for European countries and the US, besides making fake certificates.

The special branch officers have found that such agents have links with their counterparts in foreign countries who are helping students get admission into small-time universities or colleges.

An officer on the condition of anonymity said, "The issue came to light when a few days ago a gang in Warangal was arrested. It was found that the gang was making fake certificates of those students who did not even have a proper degree. By using such fake certificates, the students were traveling abroad and thus risking the fair chance of genuine students who are aspiring for a better future."

"Since then, our officers are working on the ground to expose such gangs in the city. So far, we have not yet arrested anyone in this regard, but have received information that there are agents who are creating bogus certificates of students those who don't have any degree by charging them a hefty amount. And by using their contacts abroad, these agents are arranging visas for the students. As the process is still under investigation, we cannot reveal many details about the operation," added the officer.

Last month, when the gang of fake certificate makers in Warangal was arrested, the police said that students should be aware of such crooks and not fall into their trap.

Amarender Reddy, a student said, "It is a fact that such foreign travel consultants are working hand-in-glove with foreign universities to arrange visas for students those who don't qualify and also for students who don't have any proper degree. However, it is all being done at the behest of students who are ready to pay any amounts to fly abroad. In such a scenario, there are also many genuine students who are missing out on the opportunity. It's time authorities make sure that action is taken against fake travel consultants at the earliest."

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