Hyderabad: Masks come off many denizens in city

Masks come off many denizens in city

 Masks come off many denizens in city 


Unaware of the lurking danger around them in the form of micro droplets

Hyderabad: Though the Covid-19 pandemic is still around, many people in Hyderabad have taken off their masks, unaware of the lurking danger around them in the form of micro droplets. From 100 per cent compliance to the compulsory mask rule during the lockdown and in the subsequent period, one now finds about 50 per cent people in public places without masks.

A drive around the busy thoroughfares in this city reveals a worrying trend. From people walking on roads to motorists and from shopkeepers to the customers at eateries, many are not at all bothered about face covering to protect themselves.

Though not wearing a mask is punishable in Telangana, due to lack of strict implementation of the rule, people are not taking it seriously. Even among those wearing the mask, a large number are not covering their nose and mouth.

With 800-900 new Covid cases per day in July, the situation in Hyderabad was a matter of concern. The numbers have now come down by 50 per cent and people have apparently become complacent after the number of cases dropped over the last one month. Health authorities have claimed that the situation in the state capital is now under control. They, however, cautioned people against complacency or negligence. It was in April that the Telangana government made wearing masks compulsory for people when they are out of their house. A month later, the government announced that a Rs 1,000 fine will be imposed on those not complying with the rule.

According to the commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine, masks reduce the viral load that a person is exposed to, thereby conferring a degree of immunity. Wearing a mask is like having a vaccine. One also notices many people not wearing the masks properly. They are seen wearing it on their chin or neck and adjust it to cover nose and mouth only if they have to visit places where wearing a mask is mandatory.

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