Hyderabad: Officials conduct survey of FTL marks at Burhankhan Lake

Officials conduct survey of FTL marks at Burhankhan Lake

Officials conduct survey of FTL marks at Burhankhan Lake


Irrigation, civic officials still at loggerheads over preparing report

Jalpally: Though the team of officials from municipal and irrigation departments in Jalpally conducted a drive to identify FTL boundaries of Burhankhan Lake on Wednesday, they are still at loggerheads over filing the report as both the officials are pointing fingers at each other.

The team that consists of Jalpally Municipality Commissioner G P Kumar, Deputy Executive Engineer Jagdish, Assistant Executive Engineer M.K.Habeebuddin and others, has touched down the lake area on December 15, and begin identifying the FTL boundaries of the lake going one after another.

Soon after reaching the area, the officials unfolded the map of the lake that carries the actual sketched boundaries with coordinates and other specifications defining the actual area of the water body.

The picking out exercise that began at 11.00 am on Wednesday has lasted for almost two hours more precisely till 1.00 pm

The irrigation officials, who seldom visit the lake area that witnessed brazen levels of encroachments, were initially seen facing difficulty in finding the coordinates that were fixed to define the boundaries. The officials, however, make it only with the help of a map they brought with them to prove their point.

However, while the irrigation officials are keeping aloof from the issue saying that they were not told by anyone to prepare a fresh report, the municipality officials are of the view that Irrigation Department is the competent authority to prepare a report and hand it over to civic body that help them to place the same before the Lokayukta. The officials keep on pointing fingers at each other when it comes to preparing and placing a report before the Lokayukta.

Deputy Executive Engineer Jagdish did not respond to multiple requests and calls for comment.

The question remained unanswered as who will place the report with a proper map of the lake before the court as both the officials from municipality and irrigation are trying to find an ideal escape may be to avoid greasing of their hands.

Though the officials of the irrigation department have a proper map of the lake and the municipality officials too can easily secure it to explain their contention before any authority, both of them are waiting to see who will bell the cat.

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