Hyderabad: Park in Kukatpally wallows in utter neglect

Park in Kukatpally wallows in utter neglect

Park in Kukatpally wallows in utter neglect


Visitors allege that park has become a place for smoking ganja and boozing

Hyderabad: The colony park at Kukatpally is in worse condition, as the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) staff has not turned up to clean or maintain it many years. Visitors allege that the has become a place for smoking ganja and boozing. Several complaints have been filed by residents, but no serious action has been initiated by authorities.

Due to lack of maintenance of the park, many youngsters gather during late-night hours to indulge in illegal activities. When nearby residents questioned them for creating nuisance they resorted to threats.

A few others have brazenly dumped debris in the park, which has turned it in to a pathetic condition, rued a resident Neeraj. Senior citizens who regularly visit the park have demanded the GHMC to restore the park and develop by ensuring proper time-to-time maintenance.

"This will prevent those who practice illegal activities. Large plants have been grown heavily in the park. The walking track is covered with garbage due to which people are unable to walk in the park," said Manohar Shukla, a senior citizen of the area.

Several residents alleged that some locals park their vehicles in the park and children are struggling to play during the daytime. This park was constructed while GHMC was MCH, locals say that the GHMC is busy building new parks but has completely ignored maintenance of old parks.

A few locals registered several complaints with authorities, but they received no response. "Liquor bottles are left in the park in front of the Bharatnagar Colony. It is causing difficulties for those who come for an early morning walk" said another resident.

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