Tiles at Charminar turn tidy & neat to walk on

Charminar: As part of its new initiative, the GHMC under the mission 'Hamara Charminar - Swachh Charminar' has decided to make the area a tidy place and took up cleaning of tiles which were laid around the monument as part of the Charminar Pedestrian Project (CPP). A team of sanitary workers was seen giving a new look to the tiles early in Monday morning, before the hustle-bustle begins.

The effective campaign was launched by GHMC Special Sanitation Team led by Special Commissioner Sujata Gupta. The officials feel that this is first of its kind in Hyderabad, where the essence of spreading the 'joy of cleanliness is taken to the last mile, including the local community at large.

For the last one week, during night a team of m

ore than 100 members is seen cleaning the CPP tiles in surroundings of Charminar, using water with cleaning equipment, said Krishna Chataniya, the supervisor.

As part of the cleaning drive, the city is witnessing for the first time the stone tiles in the walking area of Charminar are being scrubbed. The day for the teams starts at 4 am with early rounds meeting the teams and motivating them about the works. Over 100 men and women with a strategic implementation plan deployed with PPE and technology. For the drive which has 360-degree approach cleaning, the cleaning process starts from sweeping the area, cleaning it with water and then a deep cleansing of CPP tiles with scrub, explained Chataniya.

For the last few days even after the cleaning the tiles, during day the tiles are losing sheen as garbage is thrown on them. To control this, the team is bringing awareness among vendors and staff. This team is also planning to conduct a 'Swachh walk' surroundings of Charminar with 200 volunteers.

According to the Supervisor, for 3 times a day a special cleaning and awareness programme is being conducted for the locals in area for the last 7 days. This idea is to make the locals and vendors in the area throw garbage only in the specified bins. After the cleaning drive there is a visible difference in the neat appearance of flooring around the Charminar.

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