Variation Of Anjaneyasana

Bring your right foot forward placing it between your hands aligning the right knee and heel in a straight line. Then lower your left knee on the ground and slide it back stretching your left thigh. Then lift your chest upright, taking your arms upwards with palms joined. Now, press your tailbone towards floor and exhale. Bend your back knee lifting your heel towards the buttock, hold your right leg with your right hand placing your left hand on the knee.

Marichi Pose Or The Sage Pose

Keep your feet stretched out and bend your right knee by bringing the foot closer to right sitting bone. Press your left sitting bone & thigh into the ground keeping the spine erect. Exhale & lift your left hand straight up. Rotate your core and tuck your left arm outside your right thigh. Straighten your spine as you twist and stay upright with the help of your right palm and fingertips pressed into the floor, behind you.


Keep back and legs straightened… Bend your left knee and place the foot flat on the floor, near your inner right thigh. Twist your torso to the right and press your left shoulder against the inside of your left knee. Extend your left & rotate it inward. As you reach the left arm forward, lengthen your chest & push the left shin into the armpit. Exhale and take the left arm outside of the leg. Finally, exhale and take your right hand behind your back.

Eka Padottanasana

Sit with legs stretched out and bend the left leg, keeping the knee on the ground and the heel close to your right buttock. Then, bend your left knee placing it on the floor. Interlock your fingers under your left sole and raise the left foot, straightening the knee. Keep your back straight without hunching. Try to take touch your nose to the left knee as much as possible.

Malasana Or The Yogi Squat

Sit in a squat position with your feet flat on the floor. Place your thighs in a wide position, leaning very slightly towards the front. To keep your knees separates, press your elbows against either knee, keep the width intact, while joining your palms. Hold the position for a minute and to come out of it, slowly straighten your knees and stand up.


First, bring your right foot forward placing it between your hands keeping the right knee and heel in a straight line. Lower your left knee to the ground. Slide it back and inhale and lift your chest upright, taking your arms upwards, either parallel or palms joined. Then pressing your tailbone towards the floor, take your head back and look up and to come out of the pose.

Goumukhasana Or Cow Face Pose

Keep your legs stretched out and then bend the left leg, placing the foot under or next to your right hip. Fold your right leg over the left, placing the right foot next to your left hip. Bend your left elbow behind your back, with the palm facing upwards and raise your right hand towards the sky, bend it at the elbow with the palm facing downwards. Try to interlock your palms in a clash with your fingers.


Lie flat on your back on the ground. Fold your legs at your knees. Place your palms next to your ears with fingers pointed forward. Inhale and gradually lift your body to form an arch. Allow your head to gently fall and relax your neck. Ensure your body weight remains evenly distributed.