All About Indian Cricketer Suryakumar Yadav’s 15 Amazing Tattoos
Indian Cricket team’s young batsman Suryakumar Yadav needs no introduction as he proved his mettle through IPL playing for Mumbai Indians. Well, this young cricketer is a big fan of tattoos… So, let us check out his 18 tattoos and find the meanings too!
Carrying The Parents On His Shoulder
Surya Parents Tattoo:- Suryakumar loves his parents to the core and he also showcased it by etching the pic of his parents on his right shoulder.
Parents’ Name On His Forearm
Surya Parents 2: -Well, even this tattoo he dedicated to his parents… He inked the names of his parents on his right forearm with an Ambigram.
Strong Motivational Caption
Suryakumar who loves to get inked has filled his left forearm with a motivational quotation. It reads, “Life is what you make it”.
A Big Tribal Tattoo
This Mumbai Indian trusted batsman also loves the tribal arts. He inked a big tribal tattoo on his chest, left arm and upper back too!
Another Life-lesson On Left Foot
Surya has inked another motivational thought on his body… This time he picked his left foot and inked it withthe ‘Take one step at a time’ quote.
‘Love’ Tattoo On His Left Arm
Surya inked the ‘Love’ word on his left arm in the middle of the tribal art tattoo.
‘Pride’ Tattoo On His Left Arm
Just beside the tribal art tattoo, Surya also inked the word ‘Pride’ on his left arm.
‘Respect’ Tattoo On Her Left Arm
We have already witnessed the ‘Love’ and ‘Pride’ tattoos on Surya’s hands. Now, it’s time for the ‘Respect’ word. He inked on his left arm.
Maori Face Tattoo
Thesedays Maori pattern designs are the trendiest ones of tattoo designs. So, Surya also inked it on his chest as it represents family culture, heritage, and respect for personal history.
‘Devisha’ Tattoo
Surya got hitched to his dear wife Devisha on 7th July 2016. He showered his love for Mrs Yadav dedicating the beautiful tattoo to her…
‘FAITH’ Tattoo On His Left Shoulder
In the middle of his long tribal tattoo on his back, he inked the word ‘Faith’ in capital letters exactly on the back of his left shoulder.
Arrows Tattoo
Surya who is known for his stylish play in the ground inked a couple of 'Arrow' tattoos on the backside of his right arm. Well, Arrow tattoos mean strength, success, achievements, direction and path.
Rose Tattoo
Handsome lad Surya inked a ‘Rose’ tattoo on his right forearm. It symbolizes true love!
Diamond Tattoo
Surya inked a ‘Diamond’ symbol tattoo which symbolizes beingluxurious, power and wealthy!
Tattoo On The Left Side Of His Neck
Well, we end the 'Tattoo Tale' of Suryakumar Yadav with this 'Neck Tattoo'. He inked 2 symbols on the left side of the neck and threw major tattoo goals for all his fans…
Hope Surya leads Team India to clinch the World Cup with his master class power play!