Beauty Secrets Of Tollywood’s Ace Actress Rashmika Mandanna
Allergy Test
Yes, you heard it right! Rashmika once said that she had undergone a skin allergy test to know to which foods she is allergic. So, one can also follow her and go with this test to become free from skin-breakouts.
A Strict ‘No’ To Oily Food
Yes, this Geeta Govindam actress always prefers to eat and clean and healthy food and stays away from ‘Oily’ foods which can become the reason for skin issues.
Sunscreen As A Handy
Rashmika Mandanna never steps out of her house without applying sunscreen. It protects her skin from harmful UV rays and also makes her skin stay smooth and healthy.
Vitamin C Serum
Yes, Vitamin C serum protects the skin and keeps it away from wrinkles and also brightens the skin complexion. Rashmika also follows the same skin care tip and regularly applies this serum.
It is all known that moisturizer is a bestie to the skin. It not only protects the skin from pollution and other harmful agents but also repairs the damaged skin cells too.
Wash The Face Just Twice A Day
Rashmika suggests that one should wash their face maximum two-three times a day. Washing the face more times in a day can make the skin go dry and lifeless.