Ramadan 2021: 10 Dishes to Try This Eid
Ramadan or Meethi Eid is incomplete without Sheer Khurma. Sweet milk pudding with a special kind of vermicelli topped with chunky dry fruits is mouth-watering.
This traditional irresistible sweet dish is originated in Hyderabad. This heavenly delicacy made with simple ingredients of dried apricots, sugar, rose water and saffrons strands. This tasty dessert was initially served and savoured by The Royals.
Like Sheer khurma, the main ingredients of this dessert are milk and vermicelli but compared to Sheer Khurma; its consistency is slightly thicker. To make it richer dry fruits and khoya are added to the tasty mix.
Thickened milk pudding with grounded rice, the fragrant delicacy is garnished with lots of dry fruits.
A typical Eid is incomplete without Biryani. Aromatic rice dish layered with luscious pieces of your choice of meat, Biryani is loved by all age groups. Club it up with raita or spicy bagara salan, and you would love it.
This dessert made with carrots, milk, ghee, and sugar and garnished with dry fruits. This halwa can be either made on the stove or a microwave.
You can call this dessert a relative of Dabal ka Meetha. Toasted bread, milk, nuts, ghee, sugar and khoya; this is all that goes into this delectable dessert.
Ramadan special delicacy Haleem, a health packed bowl, is a popular Iftar staple. This authentic dish that needs hours to be prepared with ingredients like daliya, mutton, spices, and pulses is a pound to get the best taste.
This healthy mutton curry is packed with aromatic spices, saffron, cashew nut paste, and rose water. You can pair this delicious and spicy mutton Khorma with sheermal or bagara khana (flavoured rice).
Nhari comes from the Arabic word 'Nahar', which means 'day'. Traditionally, it is a breakfast dish prepared with a range of gentle spices and kewda water. But you can enjoy this dish any time of the day over a gathering with family.