12 Early Signs of Pregnancy: Lookout, if you are trying to conceive

Missing a period, it’s a big sign, that you may be pregnant. Women tend to experience varied signs of pregnancy, before they actually undergo the pregnancy test.

Frequent urination

If you are hitting the toilet more often than regular, pregnancy hormonal change may cause the kidneys to expand and churn out more urine; this helps the body to get rid of waste more rapidly.

Fatigue & Exhausted

Due to high levels of the hormone progesterone and an increase in blood production in your body, you may feel fatigued and exhausted.

Nausea with or without vomiting

Not everyone experiences this symptom; few of them are more vulnerable. Nausea could be direct result of the HCG hormone; it peaks at 8 to 10 weeks from the last menstrual period before declining.


You may experience headache for a ton of different reasons. During pregnancy, it may be caused due to a combination of a rise in hormones and in an increase in blood volume.


Progesterone relaxes the smooth muscle of your gut; it slows down the transit time for food. Hence, you might feel a little stopped up.

Changes in breast

When you are pregnant, increasing levels of progesterone can make your breast glands expand, hence you might feel a little soreness or notice swelling early on.


A mere common cold might also knock you down after conception, the reason being, it is common for viruses as well as bacteria to use this opportunity to set up shop.


Few women might notice a small amount of implantation bleeding, this is not, a lot of blood, it is only a small amount, different from your period.

Food Aversion

Suddenly, few women would not like to have breakfast. This might be a sign of pregnancy; it is usually linked to rising HCG levels. It may not last forever, but it usually improves at the end of 1st trimester.

Mood Swings

Not everyone experience this, you might feel a little moody or emotional, incase, you are sensitive to progesterone effects on your brain receptors.

Nasal congestion

During Pregnancy, your blood supply might start to increase and it may trigger swelling in your nasal passages.

Mild Pelvic Cramping

Sometimes, you may experience menstrual cramps, making you think, that period is on its way.