10 Car Logos with Wings

We do find wings on car logo; they usually symbolize freedom, speed, exploring boundaries and dreams.


Genesis is a luxury brand, created in the year 2015 as part of Hyundai’s upscale spinoff. The wings are neither realistic nor abstract. From one hand, it looks like wings; from the other, it does not look cluttered with unnecessary realistic details.


The badge does not merely represent wings, but it almost looks like whole bird. This one definitely could be most impactful winged emblem. Having the company name between the wings looks like a most natural option.


This batch appears both streamlined as well as sporty. What’s more interesting, Chrysler was the among the 1st car makers to put wings on its badge..


In the list, this one has a most unusual badge, few may even say it’s not exactly a winged emblem; instead it is the bird’s wings. Skoda auto opted for an arrow along with a Native American feathered headdress, which look similar like a wing.


The Chinese manufacturing company has chosen a complex geometric shape which consists of 3D diamonds; it represents a bird in flight. Another characteristic feature of this emblem, the logo is in bright red.


The badge you see on mini cars has a combination of a circle in the middle and 2 wings having pronounced sharp angles. The emblems have retro elegance, but it looks more modern too, because of it minimalistic typography.


The British luxury car marquee’s badge looks like a simplified black & white version of the Aston Martin’s emblem. It is hardly a surprise because Lagonda belonged to Aston Martin since 1947.


The wings look sharper and curvier when compared to the other emblems on this list. It has blue cross in the middle which makes it recognizable.


Rezvani is a California based designer as well as manufacturer of high performance supercars. It has got a highly stylish emblem, in addition it has got bird flying in the sun and it also reminds a steering wheel.

Continental Motors Company

The reason as to why the American manufacturer included wings in its badge is because it reminds the company’s interest in the field of aircraft too.