Vijayawada Mayor Rayana Bhagya Lakshmi rides on Women Rapido bikes, here are visuals
Rapido bike taxi has garnered a huge response ever since it was started and is running successfully with the support from people as it is helpful for both riders and the public.
As there were only male drivers for the Rapido bikes earlier, the women riders have also come forward to run Rapido bikes to make their livelihood.
Vijayawada Mayor Rayana Bhagya Lakshmi launched the Rapido bikes in Vijayawada City with women riders.
Mayor Bhagya Lakshmi also travelled on a Rapido bike and extended warm wishes to the women riders. The mayor also spoke to the female riders.
The women's Rapido bikes will be a big help to the women passengers in the city and thus there is a scope for security for the lady passengers.