'Everything can be achieved if there is strong dedication and determination towards the goal' Hyderabad: Jnanpith awardee Ravuri Bharadwaja on Monday said, "Manjari-like characters still exist in the society. It is the same social issues that continue to haunt women even today that keep them alive." revuriManjari is a Telugu film heroine and the main character of one of Ravuri's novels in which he depicts the trauma and travails that a heroine goes through in the film industry. Interacting with media on Monday, Ravuri thanked the Jnanpith Selection Committee for selecting him for the award for 2012. He also expressed his gratitude to Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy for felicitating him with Rs 10 lakh cash award and appreciated the Telugu Official Language Commission for granting a cash award of Rs 1 lakh. "It is the learning from harsh realities of life that inspired my writings. Now, it got me fame and money, but I am going to lead the same life from where I came," he said. Ravuri said that everything can be achieved if there is strong dedication and determination towards the goal. He was accompanied by Additional Director General (News) of All India Radio PJ Sudhakar, who he said that he was Ravuri's official biographer and historian of his life and works. Sudhakar had done extensive research on Ravuri's writings, poems, novels and life of Bharadwaja for the past 20 years. He had written a book on his life called 'Smruti Sahityam loo ee shtabdi goppa rachyita Dr. Ravuri Bharadwaja'. He also wrote two other books on Ravuri titled 'Shithya Jeevana Samaram' and a book in Hindi that have already been published. Pakudu Rallu (slippery stones) is Ravuri's novel that got him the coveted award. But he expressed that he wished that one of his famous writing 'Jeevana Samaram' could have got the award. A writer for 70 years, Ravuri, said that he had written on all small creatures including mosquitoes and house-flies and stated that ponds are his favorite space of the nature.