Tollywood film industry has a rich line of comedians. Many comedians have ruled the industry and suddenly went unnoticed due to various reasons. Wonderful comedians of yesteryears like Raja Babu and Padmanabham who ruled the industry have got suddenly unnoticed, which ultimately led for their miserable deaths.


Betha Sudhakar, a famous comedian-villain of Tollywood went into coma on July 4, 2010. But, neither media nor the film industry has come out to expose this episode of the famous Tollywood comedian of stature.



I become flabbergasted, when I see a bee line of film industry members, after the miserable death of any personality of film industry; but who never turns up to care for a person when he/she is in the times of dire straits. The most recent example of Uday Kiran is the best evidence to support my arguments. If Uday might have been extended required support from the film industry, hopefully, he might have not committed suicide.



The need of the hour is to extend support and encouragement during the individual’s bad times. Not when the individual is at apex of career or after his/her tragic death.



Coming back to our original story, Betha Sudhakar was born in Markapur, Prakasam district. His father was a Deputy Collector. So, his education never happened in one place. It was all over Andhra Pradesh. He studied till intermediate and then joined Madras film Institute and ventured into films.



From 1978-80 Sudhkar acted in Tamil movies and maintained the same stature to that of much acclaimed Rajanikanth and Kamalhasan. Later, when he entered the Telugu film Industry, though initially he got good roles, later he was made a side hero, villain and comedian. His career has seen a down fall. For few years, he didnt even appear in any movies. He has been in coma since July 4, 2010. But…..!!



If anyone has whereabouts of the wonderful actor, please let the Hans India team know. We will project the wonderful star to the world ....!!