Hyderabad: The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has become the place of controversies. On Friday, in yet another incident, a disabled passenger was allegedly harassed at the airport. Satendra Singh, a Delhi University Professor who was travelling from Hyderabad to Delhi, was asked by security at Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to remove his leg brace during frisking.


The Calliper used by the Professor was of thigh length and was not feasible to remove in a short span. Despite this fact, the authorities forced him to remove it for getting scanned on the x-ray machine. The Professor said that he was humiliated to a great extent.


Singh, sardonically, was returning from a conference on "Evidence in Global Disability & Health" in Hyderabad. It was with the intervention of a higher official of Airport, Professor Singh was exempted. It was a pathetic condition experienced by a person who is in a noble profession. 

The officials said that they were following the guidelines issued to them. There is no doubt that there should not be any compromise on security related issues. Nevertheless, some sort of exceptions like in Professor Singh’s case may be considered at least for future compliance.