British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the much acclaimed media industry around the world because of the standards it maintains in the production of programmes. Also, the subjects they choose usually ensure the industry to maintain its stature among its competitors. They follow the ethics, even on this day, which brings them the desired laurel around the world. Such an esteemed industry BBC has now its eyes on a Telugu Movie - Bahubali.  


The prestigious movie Bahubali has been the biggest project ever in the Tollywood Film Industry, with an estimated budget of over Rs 100cr. For the sake of a documentary film production in the name of 100 years of Indian Cinema, the BBC production unit had called on Bahubali team and had their personal interviews, reportedly. According to sources, Rana and Rajamouli have shared their experiences with the BBC team.


It is a good omen that the first ever 100cr budgeted Telugu movie is getting so much of hype even around the world. As soon as the documentary gets released, the project Bahubali would hopefully get add on fame, for sure. The subject movie would be expected to be released in 2015.