• Lyricist Chandrabose won Nandi Award twice  
  • Penned more than 2,900 songs for 750 Telugu movies

Karimnagar: Noted Telugu lyricist Chandrabose said that he became film songs writer because of his interest in literature from childhood, constant encouragement from his friends and his urge to become writer in film industry. Chandrabose has set a record in Telugu film industry by penning more than 2,900 songs for 750 movies in a career span of 20 years. He was the winner of Nandi award for two times. Speaking to The Hans India, Chandrabose said that aspiring writers can become lyric writers if they can develop commitment and creative skills in writing.

Lyricist Chandrabose speaking to HMTV & The Hans India on Monday. Photo: HANS

HANS: How are you feeling of becoming successful in Telugu film industry when you made an entry without any recommendations and that too hailing from a small village? Who had inspired you to become writer? 


Chandrabose: I was inclined to reading literature from my childhood. There used to be a library beside my house in my village. 


I used to read newspapers and books which had helped me to learn Telugu language. Later, I joined Polytechnic College at Ramanthapur in Hyderabad. 

While I was studying, I used to write poetry and songs. Friends at Polytechnic College encouraged me to continue writing songs.


HANS: What made you to choose Telugu film industry and who gave you confidence that you can become successful?


Chandrabose: I dared to choose Telugu film industry because of constant encouragement given by my friends. I began searching for opportunities in film industry while I was pursuing my engineering course at JNTU. 


Initially, I aspired for becoming a singer or music director. However, I took up writing on the advice of my friend Srinath. My first opportunity was to write for ‘Taj Mahal’ movie directed by Muppalaneni Shiva and it became super hit. 


Later, I wrote songs for movie ‘Pelli Sandadi’ directed by noted director Raghavendra Rao.


HANS: Did you expect that you could get chances as lyricist as there were many experienced writers in Telugu film industry by the time you had entered it?


Chandrabose: First of all, I should thank director Raghavendra Rao. He gave me an advice to stand out from other experienced and senior song writers to get recognition in film industry. From then on, I began writing songs which could be understood by common man.


HANS: Which is your favorite song from thousands of songs you have written in your 20-year career?


Chandrabose: People are the ultimate judges for my songs. Personally, my favourite song is ‘Nammakameeyara Swamy…Nirbhayameeyara Swamy’ from ‘Komaram Puli’ movie.


HANS: What was your reaction when you have won Nandi awards for two times?


Chandrabose: I felt very happy when I won Nandi awards. My efforts have fulfilled as a lyricist because of affection shown by people. I thank all directors and producers of Telugu film industry through ‘The Hans India’ for reposing faith in me.


HANS: What kind of qualities should budding writers cultivate to become successful in film industry?


Chandrabose: They should have commitment while writing songs. Especially, budding writers should develop creative skills and work hard to write best songs. They should take up any task with a challenge.