'We humans have a monkey mind',do not get mad at me but yes we do have a mind which is hard to still and very hard to control just like taming a monkey. We stress about things that does not really happen by making up false scenarios in our mind says Pasura Dantamano, a thai monk practising meditation for the past 20 years who recently visited  Bangladesh to discuss about meditation and it's benefits in his program called Peace In,Peace Out. He further explains how our mind  keeps wandering here and there for no good reason.


Research says that 50% of what we think is about the past which is gone and does not matter,40% about the future specially the 'what ifs'  and only a 10% about the present that we live in.We try to run away from stress by getting into a more stressful situation simple because we cannot learn to let go.we tend to lead and control other's life when at the very first place we cannot even control our own lives.


Dantamano said that stress is like garbage which we eventually throw at our loved ones in the form of anger and jealousy.We want to attain peace in the society but we cannot really give something we do not have for ourselves.The remedy to this viral disease is to meditate says The Monk.The key to have a peaceful life is within ourselves which is the quality of our thinking that can make a big difference to our lives.The monk compares the mind with a water filled bottled that is being shaken continuously which has to be stopped to function well through meditation.


Meditation means focus,standstill and make unnecessary thoughts to quiet down.Our mind is like a crying baby which needs to be calmed down soft and gently through the help of meditation.Meditation is may sound difficult but it is actually not. Infact Dantamano says that it is the laziest task to do, all you have to do is sit comfortably and concentrate and visualize about the joys of life and letting go of the 'what-ifs' by treating them like birds flying away from you.Sounds interesting right?We all want peace in the society,let's just start with ourselves. Please visit www.peacerovolution.net to sit for your first meditation session and to learn more about meditation. Peacing Out!