A play ‘Purushotham: He the victim of Spiders and Pressure Cookers’ written by Hyderabadi Anjali Parvati Koda has been chosen for the second consecutive year to be a part of the BFA and BA Theatre and Acting curriculum at RUTGERS, State University of New Jersey, USA. 


Her play is part of the seven plays chosen from across the world to be studied and analysed. Students from the university had a conversation with the playwright over Skype on Tuesday for two hours under the supervision of their faculty Christopher Cartmill. 


This was the first play written by Anjali Parvati Koda. She has also written the critically acclaimed play ‘Dominic Wesley’; ‘Gregor Samsa’, an adaptation of Franz Kafka's novella Metamorphosis; ‘God's Favourite Icecream Flavour’ and also has co-written the adaptation of the popular satire ‘The Last Wish Baby’.