Hyderabad based start-up develops 3D classroom solutions

Following the success of the mobile application (app) built on augmented reality that allowed users of Android phones and iOS mobile devices to click a selfie with Indian spaceship Mangalyaan, city-based start-up Smartur has introduced a ful fledged digital classroom solution, www.smartur3D.in, built on Augmented Reality (AR) and Stereoscopic 3D platforms. The company claims to have found a strong use case for this technology that can radically improve the adoption of digital solutions in schools and become a game changer for the e-learning industry in India.

There are 15 lakh schools in India today of which 13 lakh schools are supported by the government and two lakh schools are privately run. Of these two lakh private schools, only about 35,000 schools have proper digital classroom solutions in place due to the cost factor. 


“High costs have been the greatest deterrent for adoption of e-learning modules. Currently, most of the solutions available in the market are priced per student per month basis. Hi-tech course content from the website is available for a very nominal fixed annual fee irrespective of the number of students or classrooms a school has. www.smartur3D.in is available for all schools to experience the power of augmented reality free of cost for the academic year 2014-2015,” said Smartur.com founder and CEO, Neeraj Jewalkar.


He continued, “With AR, one can experience the next level of virtual imaging which transports characters or elements into their environment and it can be a foundational technology in education. Learning in Indian classrooms is basically blackboard teaching which caters to the semantic memory of children. 


With AR, children can view, for example, the human heart as if it were in front of them. Thus it would cater to their episodic memory which is known to last for life.” To overcome the major cost impediment, the software suite has been priced at Rs 30,000 per school for an academic year. At present, it is available for classes 6 to 10 for biology and chemistry subjects.