Telugu flick A Shyam Gopal Varma Film hit theatres today. Before we tell you the reasons to watch or not watch the movie, let's take a look at the production crew.

Directed by         Rakesh Srinivas
Produced by       Vijaya Kumar Raju, Rakesh Srinivas
Starring               Shafi
Music by             Mantra Anand
Cinematography  Rahul Shrivatsav
Edited by             Karthika Srinivas

Plot: Shyam Gopal Varma is an eminent film director. He has a penchant for making extremely violent films with lot of gore. Soon he realizes the price he has to pay for making such violent films but then, it was too late.


Nothing extraordinary in the movie. Shafi carries the movie on his shoulders from the start till the end. He has one helluva a talent and makes you realise how under utilized he is in the Telugu Film Industry.


Verdict: Not worth it at all


Rating: 1/5

Check out the movie trailer to get a peek into the story


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