Trying to  bringing down curtains  on an unsavory controversy over his caste , the Telangana Deputy CM  Kadiyam Srihari reiterated that  he was not a Madiga , but a Byndla , one of the 56  sub castes of the SC. as per  Presidential order of fifties .

Srihari said he was pained  at the crude  and  dirty linen washed in public by his erstwhile political compatriots of the TDP over his caste  equations and also for terming him as a BC (backward class). "One is peeved  over my elevation in TRS and the other  who seasoned  and bitterly  failed  to  get admission in TRS and become a Minister under KCR was now slinging mud on me," he says.
 Kadiyam Srihari has been in news for his induction as Deputy CM by  KCR  in place of Rajaiah in a major political reshuffle on Saturday last. As an MP of Warangal Srihari has to  seek either assembly or MLC seat  within six months .Srihari had lost  his election from Station Ghanpur successively  due tio bitter onslaught of TRS against the TRS..
Srihari told newsmen at the Secretariat that he would drag  his critics to court  and also involve Chandrababu Naidu as well as  he is head of TDP whose members were engaged in a bitter caste war against me  I have shown myself as a Byndla and not Madiga in both the school, college and also during the elections;. I have no reason to bluff as a Byndla I am entited for the SC status. "Those aggrieved should approach either court or the Election Commission and also the Warangal district collector  for details  and clarifications," he said .