Hyderabad: Dragonfly Data Factory, a start-up in enterprise cloud and data infrastructures, on Monday launched the world's first software defined cloud enabled data facility in the city.

Powered by the company’s patent-pending Factory Operating System, the facility will enable global clients to cost effectively extract mine, manage and monetise unlimited volumes of data from any number of sources
"Dragonfly Data Factory is the first to offer an integrated - and vendor-independent - data factory, giving customers complete freedom to combine their choice of tools from industry-leading providers to mine, manage and monetise their data," Ram Pothula, the company’s founder, told media here.

The company’s software replaces complexity with simplicity, automatically integrating infrastructure, platform and software technology-partner products and enabling workflows spanning traditional data, big data, real-time sensor data processing. Other products planned by the company include a Data Factory Sensor Hub and Data Factory Utility Metering Platform which when combined with the Data Factory Operating System, will empower systems integrators, service providers, and corporate IT shops to offer their users a flexible, cost- effective ‘Data Factory as a Service’, Pothula added.