The much awaited Telugu flick Gayakudu released in theatres. Before we go ahead with the review, let's take a look at the star cast.


Producer Jammalamadugu Ravindranadh

Story-dialogues-direction Kamal G

Music Roshan Salur

Cinematography Kolli Durga Prasad

Art Ram Chandar Singh

Cast: Ali, Shriya Sharma, Santosh Pawan, M S Narayana, Sapta Giri


Siddhansh, an orphan who grows up to a singing sensation and becomes the Indian Idol, in a chance telephonic encounter, falls in love with Akshara. Siddhansh uses a proxy name Sidhu and gets into a hide seek game with Akshara. But with Akshara being a huge fan of his songs, Siddhansh confesses his love her. With their love progressing, Akshara’s dad who is anti-love and doesn’t like to go ahead with anything against his honour puts a break to the love story. How the couple fights the odds to win their love forms the rest of the story.

Both the main leads being debutants perform well and the music composed by Roshan Saluri, is a great asset to the movie. While the lyrical values make an impression with the audience, the mesmerizing beauty of Vizag is captured perfectly in the movie. The comedy track between the main lead looks forced with disproportionate reactions. Emotional depth between the leads is lacking especially in the movie post interval. 

Screenplay is confusing and results in leaving the audience with no long-lasting consequence. The track involving Sapthagiri leaves the audience dumb founded. Although the lead pair looks good together, the feeling of love fails to evoke at the end of the movie. Especially the pre- climax and climax sequences, the love track loses its charm. With Akshara uttering ‘I Hate You’ to Siddhansh, the sequences following that could have been trimmed by at least 15 minutes. Director G Kamal doesn’t manage to bring in justice to the love story which lacks extra feel and emotions.


Verdict - A love story twisted with too many erroneous notes 


Rating - 1/5


Take a look at the trailer of the movie to get a peek into the story...

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