Art is usually known to ‘hit’ someone in the most unexpected and often unpredictable ways and one example is Ganesh Nallari. He is a painter, trained dancer, a theatre actor, a qualified dentist and a man who took to dressing up the fashion conscious in the city of nawabs. 


His zeal for fashion might have been a late discovery but has certainly enriched all that he has done before. This is in line with his design philosophy of varied styles and inspirations coming together eclectically. In a tete-a-tete with The Hans India, fashion designer Ganesh Nallari explains his new found love for the art of fashion


You started your career as a dentist and now you are a fashion designer. How did the transition take place?

As a child when all the kids of my age were out playing cricket, I used to sit by my mom's side and paint. My mother is an artist herself. I was simultaneously being trained in classical dance. Art and dance were my best friends and that was the language I used to express. I also loved dressing up my cousins and my mother, coordinating their outfits with the right accessories from bangles to bindis. 

It was during one of the summer holidays when I fractured my incisors; I visited a dentist and was fascinated by the art of fixing teeth. I liked biology in school and dentistry was my choice. I did enjoy practicing dentistry. After I finished it, I started working as a dental lecturer in Bangalore. I was preparing for my Masters and one day when I passing by NIFT, in a spur of the moment decided to apply for the Masters programme in textile design which the school had offered then. The rest is history! 


What inspired you to get into this field?

Nothing was really planned. I followed my instinct and the path was laid before me. Bagging the best student award, winning the gold medal and gaining trust among family and friends followed. After a brief retail and export experience, I got greedy to learn more and plunged into more of designs when I decided to do my second Masters in Fashion Design in Milan, Italy. 


When one lives in a country like India where there is abundance of cultural diversity, be it arts and crafts to temples and tombs, there is a lot to be inspired from and so design comes naturally to me. But yes, the skill I leant from my mom in the initial growing years certainly helped.


What do you enjoy the most about designing clothes? 

The body is the canvas and I am the artist.


What's your philosophy about the art of fashion?

To be comfortable in what one wears is the most attractive quality. However, it’s always good to surprise yourself. It doesn't matter if one is thick or thin, tall or short, what’s important is to understand your body type and dress accordingly. Let your personality reflect by developing a natural individualist style and then play around with the persona you wish to reflect.


Are you working on any current project or any upcoming show? 

It’s the wedding season and my hands are full.


Any tips for fashionistas who wants to look trendy but at the same time buy something affordable? 

Mixing and matching clothes will widen your wardrobe. Pick the right accessories. Do not over do, believe in minimalism, because less is more. Be wise in your expenses.  

By:Meenakshi Sengupta