A residential school principal after suspecting that a 13 year old student was having an affair with a teacher asked her whether she was getting her periods regularly. Principal C.H. Sunder Rao even went ahead to sending the school nurse to accompany the girl student to confirm whether she was telling the truth.

On Sunday, while inspecting the tribal welfare girls’ residential school in Zaddangi in the agency area of East Godavari district, local legislator Vanthada Rajeswari heard a student complain to her over the issue.

Ms Rajeshwari said that the student was upset over being followed and checked; also that a ‘pregnancy’ test had been conducted on her. Speaking on the incident, Ms. Rajeshwari said that it’s not right to subject minor girls to such indecent behavior. She also said that other students also complained that they were being followed and a record of their menstrual cycles was being maintained by the nurse.

The 13 year old girl claimed that no action was taken even after she complained to the assistant tribal welfare officer and the mandal education officer.

Mr Manikumar, Tribal welfare deputy director stated that an inquiry would be held and action taken against the school principal if the charge was proved. 

A member of the AP state commission for protection of child rights, Mr Balaraj when asked about the incident said an inquiry had been initiated and a detailed report has been asked to be sent by the district child protection unit of Kakinada.