City dwellers in NCR are being invited by Blueairto plant a tree to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5 this year. Sweden’s Blueair, the world’s leading indoor air purifying company, has pledged to donate one tree seedling on behalf of each of the first 10,000 people who click on the ‘share’ button on the Clean Air India Movement Facebook page.

“This is an easy yet exciting opportunity for people living in NCR or any other city across India to get involved in a cool urban tree planting programme designed to reduce our carbon footprint by releasing oxygen into our atmosphere,” said Vijay Kannan, head of Blueair India.

Under the campaign, the first ten thousand people to pledge their support to the Blueair ‘Share to Plant’ campaign will see a carbon dioxide removing tree planted. Noting that 300 trees can balance the amount of pollution one person produces in a lifetime, Blueair says the name of each sharer will be added to a list of tree sponsors.

“Some 10,000 tree seedlings will be planted after June 5 this year,” said Mr. Kannan. He explained that the planting campaign is part of aClean Air India Movement (CLAIM) campaign launched by Blueair. The CLAIM programm eis designed to educate the general public – and especially children – about the rising burden of air pollution and engage them in activities that can help to reduce it.

 “Our campaign aim is to tell people that we are not helpless individuals when it comes to challenging air pollution. Even simple acts by individuals or sole companies such as Blueaircan make a difference when it comes to showing responsibility and care, which is why we have taken the initiative to make the call and mobilisation for action,” said Mr. Kannan.

 To take part, all an individual need do is visit the Clean Air India Movement Facebook page ( and share the campaign with a friend. Each share up to a total 10,000 shares will see one tree seed donated by Blueair to an urban tree planting programme.