The Babri Masjid was demolished on December 6, 1992 which lead to the agitations across the country,   attacked by mobs, with the police standing by or giving the mobs a hand, by a helpful round of firing. On   January 5, 1993 riots erupted in Mumbai in similar trend. 

The loot and murder of Muslims by Shiv   Sainiks, abetted by the police crossed the borders of the macabre. This was not dissimilar to the Gujarat   riots of 1969 where Over 500 people, mostly Muslims were murdered. 

The great singer Rasoolan Bai's   house was also gutted in that massacre.    The Gujarat riots of 2002 were worse than the one sided massacre in the January-February Mumbai   mayhem supervised by Bal Thackeray and overseen by the  Sudhakar Naik, the then Congress CM.

 He   was not in the good books of Pawar who, at that crucial stage, was defence minister of India, smarting under the fact that P.V. Narasimha Rao had bypassed Pranab Mukherjee and him to the top job (PM).  Sharad Pawar and Sudhakar Naik locked themselves into a hopeless stalemate despite burning of   Mumbai.

 Pawar, as defence minister, would not send sufficient troops. He was content that the scale of   the pogrom would expose Sudhakar Naik's incompetence. Also, the troops would come directly into   conflict with the Marathas. 

Carrying the banner of Maratha pride, he didn't wished that to happen. This   extreme political thinking ripped India's unity. However,Naik was sacked. Pawar took over as chief   minister of Maharashtra. Just then the blasts happened. Atal Behari Vajpayee, who is generally believed   to have been critical of the Gujarat pogrom, did, nevertheless, describe it as a "reaction" to the Godhara   train burning.   

Present Situation:  The hanging of Yaqub Memon has divided India. There is the largely Hindu establishment seeking   revenge in the guise of justice. In competition is the softer, compassionate Hinduism taking the battle   for justice almost to the moment of Yaqub Memon's hanging.  

This is the India that has held the country together for centuries. Former judges, lawyers, bureaucrats,   social workers, teachers, journalists, students, other professionals who spoke on TV channels and   congregated at the Jantar Mantar, and held meeting across the nation. But this precisely is the large   medium of India without an identifiable platform or a party. 

The BJP, and the Congress too, increasingly,   are an execration to these groups and the minorities.  In this situation, almost by default, the man on the board happens to be Asaduddin Owaisi. He is more   articulate than most political leaders and TV panellists. For his opponents he is flawed because he holds   his ground firmly with expert references to the Constitution. How this Sole Spokesman phenomena   plays itself out has to be watched.

 While there was no mercy for Memon despite the gaping holes in the case, the open and shut case of   Rajiv Gandhi's murderer, was considered worthy of a pardon. Likewise, Devinder Singh Bhullar,   convicted for the Delhi blasts, has escaped being hanged.  There is a straightforward political angle.

 Karunanidhi and Parkash Singh Badal can pull strings with the   centre for individuals from their respective states because of their participation in national coalitions.  While regional leaders can protect their murderers, the home to 180 million Muslim, the second largest   Muslim population in the world, ironically have no comparable pull. Owaisi represents this incrementally   ghettoised anger. He will have to select coalition partners. 

These will not be the Congress nor the BJP.   Conclusion:   I recall some Munshi Premchand's awesome lines on behalf of Muslims of India..  " Bane hain ahal-e-hawas muddai bhi munsif bhi    Kise vakeel karein kisse munsifi chaahen ? "  i.e.  " When hate mongers (people) are both petitioners and judges  Whom should I make my lawyer ? From whom should I seek justice ? "...  These are the bitter facts and I'm sure its hard to digest.Yet,we, as Muslims belief in patience,peace   ,love and fraternity..  We love our country and we not need give proof to anyone of our Nationalism. Islam, in no way   sponsor, propagate, profess and preach the Terrorism.

This hate & divide politics try to portray Islam in   bad light.We, as human beings, have knowledge & wisdom to think and I'm sure that none of us go in   anti-tolerance way created by politicians.

They have only one religion, THE VOTE!! For this, they can do   anything & goes to any extent..Let's stay united and strive for peace. Let's preach Humanity and rejects   Communalism and Let's build our Nation with love for future generations.

Shaik Amer Arafath