According to the Sacchar Committee report, We,the Muslims of India are the most backward of this great nation.From Ruling almost 5 centuries to the most backward community,the journey is amiss. The partition ripped us socially, economically and politically.

 It was the darkest hour in the human history of bloodshed. Yet,Our constitution makers had a great respect for minorities and Dalits. They safeguarded many things for these communities in the form of Fundamental Rights. If denied, one can seek remedy from High court under Article 226 and SC under 32.

 The agenda of the government at Centre is pro-people. But, excluding Minorities there will be no real development. For a community to excel in different fields ,its people need education and jobs in policy making. This can be possible if the government of the day considers some reservation (both at Centre & State) not on the basis of religion but on the basis of economically backward criteria under Article 16 of the Indian constitution.

Last year much of the Minorities budget of the Telangana govt lapsed due to lack of welfare programs and Human resources in the minority department. The effective use of the minority budget will be done if the govt should  spend much of the allocated amount on education and on Coaching centres (Eamcet, Groups and Civil services). The govt spent the same in the name of Shadi Mubarak scheme. This paradoxical attitude of the govt is encouraging the dowry indirectly.The social reprobate of Dowry is the need if the hour. For this to happen,Qazis should boycott the marriages if someone takes dowry.
We hope that the govt utilize all the allocated budget this year especially on the education sector, giving loans to marginal traders and on health programs.If these all happens for atleast 8-10 years then Muslim will be back on the track and the people of community itself help others to excel in their respective field and contribute to the real development of our country.
By Shaik Amer Arafath