NILA, which was formed on Thursday, will focus on safeguarding the rights and fulfilling requirements of women and girl children 

Hyderabad: In order to ensure the protection of rights of women and children, a new outfit - Network for International Legal Activists (NILA), an association of lawyers and law activists, was formed here on Thursday. NILA is headed by  Dr A Mamatha Raghuveer of THARUNI NGO & Dr T Vasantha Lakshmi Ravi Kumar of Vasantha Lakshmi Charitable Trust & Research Centre. 

Speaking on the occasion, Justice Subhashan Reddy asked NILA to focus on protecting and ensuring the rights of women and children and also take care of the food and nutrition supply to all girls from a tender age as they were the future mothers. “Healthy birth is the first and basic right of a child,” he said.

He also called upon NILA to ensure the implementation of the Compulsory Registration of Marriages Bill, 2005, to prevent child marriages and also the registration of the pregnant women and follow up them in order to prevent unnecessary abortions.“NILA is born to safeguard the rights and provide the deserved justice to women and children who have been either neglected or denied of justice by the police department as well as the government and the judiciary,” Dr Mamatha, one of the founders, said. NILA also provided legal advices that were essential from basic to complicated legal proceedings for women and children, she added.


Speaking about the injustice towards women,  Tripurana Venkata Ratnam, Chairperson  of Andhra Pradesh Women's Commission mentioned a few cases that came to her office and explained how negligent the police department was, which ultimately led to further destruction of  women’s lives.