Hyderabad: The two blockbusters in the T-town – Bahubali and Srimanthudu – have one similarity though they differ vastly as far as storyline is concerned. The similarity is that both the films have managed to have huge box office hit despite the fact that star comedian Brahmanandam is conspicuously absent. 

Brahmanadam, better known as Brahmi, was courted during the last decade by bigwigs in the filmdom in the belief that he contributed immensely for the success of one or the other film. The big producers and directors moved earth and heaven to secure his agreement to play the comedian role in their films. 

But, now writers and directors, who created roles for Brahmi in films from Dee to Dhookudu and Kick to Attaharintiki Daredi and Racegurram and Aagadu, could have ensnared in dilemma whether to break away from the past or not,” according to a leading producer  who spoke to this reporter on the condition of anonymity. 

The leading director, Deviprasad, however differed with the assessment. "Content is the king and it determines the success of a film, and not the individual actors. Both Bahubali and Srimanthudu rode on their strong content," he said. "Undoubtedly, Brahmi has been a star comedian and will remain so since he has enthralled viewers for more than a decade and still remains a favourite for audience irrespective of age," he added. 

He recalled that films like Uyalla Jumpalla were hit at the box office without Brahmi character in them. "There were films with bad content which even Brahmi couldn't save. If there is a good character, Brahmi would give a boost to one or the other film by 100 times. So his status and talent remain in recknoning," he concluded.

By:BVS Prakash