While watching some movies on the television, we often ask ourselves: ‘Why did such a beautiful movie fail at the box-office?’ There are some movies which thoroughly entertain us whenever we watch them on the small screen, but actually failed to make good business when they were released on the big screen.

Mahesh Babu’s  ‘Athadu’, for instance, won the hearts of every person with its smart and snappy dialogues, rocking comedy and heart-touching emotions but it was an average film when it hit theatres. ‘Khaleja,’ which was made by the same combination of Athadu, was a disaster at the box-office. But it became the favorite movie for everyone because of its comedy and soul-stirring dialogues. 

Many wonder why creative movies like ‘Aarya2’ and ‘Nenokkadine’ became failures in theatres. Films like ‘Endukante Premanta’, ‘Neninthe’, ‘Vedam’, ‘Orange’, 'Ooseravelli’ and many other movies also became flops, but they have a good viewership whenever telecast on the small screen.

Is this because of the over expectations or the wrong timing of the release and lack of proper promotional campaign? But whenever we watch them we say ‘Ye movie Hit hone chahiye thi..pataa nahin kyu flop huaa..’ Am I not Right???

-Satya Surya