Legend of Vyas to hit market during Comic Con

Hyderabad: A series of brainstorming sessions between two close buddies Dr Huren Sivaraj and Varun Devanathan has given birth to what can be called as a welcome rollback into Indian mythology that extols the creative brilliance of Ved Vyas and the eternal relevance of Mahabharata.

The exuberant part of the ‘learning’ comes from a uniquely conceptualised card game that revolves around every character in India’s biggest gift to mythological literature.

The idea to create a collectible card game took instinctive roots and sowed the seeds for coming up with a format that could bring life to the characters, stories and messages that symbolize the epic, which inarguably is the one of the world’s most important literary works of cultural and historical significance, says Varun Devanathan, Creator, of ‘The Legend of Vyas’, that has been brought out by the Singapore-based Vansh Games Pte Ltd.

The creators of the game Varun Devanathan and V Nataranjan

The most exciting proposition is that it can be played online at www.legendofVyas.com. Vansh Games is a startup with founders from Singapore, India and Malaysia. Its goal is to present Indian mythology to today's generation in an exciting and accessible medium, the net,

Its Marketing Director V Nataranjan points out that ‘in order to ensure the best of creative workmanship with anartwork of unparalleled quality, Vansh Games has collaborated with India’s well-known digital artist, Anirudh Sainath. 

Anirudh, who also goes by the moniker Molee. He is hailed for his artistic depictions of Hindu Gods and characters from Indian mythology. Singaporean artist, Benjamin Tan, was brought on board to create the illustrations for various weapons and item cards.’

left-right Arjuna, Karna, Duryodhana
They both asserted that “Legend of Vyas seeks to re-introduce the Mahabharata in a contemporary format so that it can capture the heart and minds of today’s youth. We have coupled an exciting game, involving strategy, skill and a touch of fortune, with stunning artwork, depicting heroes, spells and weapons. 

Our vision is that this combination will stimulate a deeper understanding and connection with ancient India.”Devanathan adds that “Legend of Vyas card game is a great way to teach, learn and imbibe the real qualities of the heroes of Mahabharata. 

The redeeming feature of the card-game is that it brings the family together and provides hours of cherished fun.”Meanwhile, they pointed out that ‘Legend of Vyas’ will have its national launch in the city during the Comic Con Hyderabad, which is being hosted in the city on September 12 and 13.

By: Sridhar K Pennaa

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