Cryptography is a powerful tool that assures the confidentiality and integrity in transit. It also   authenticate the identity of individuals and Computer systems. This technology traditionally used in   Military & Diplomatic conversation to protect its confidentiality. 

However,its use for the civilian's day to   day transit is a big challenging task because of many reasons.  

1) This Draft NEP clearly violates Right to Privacy,which comes under Right to Life under Article-21 of the   Indian Constitution. The govt can now easily get access to one's personal chats which will lead to false   cases against the opponents of the ruling party. Moreover, many can get  access to one's   personal/business chats if they have good links with the employees of the service providers. There is a   lack of a legal recourse for a citizen whose personal details were misused or leaked.  

2)Its out of the Pandora box to ask the masses for the passwords of their email & other accounts. The   Bill in the current form is vague. 

 3) Its almost difficult to ask the citizens not to delete their chats for 90 days. Sometimes, the chats will   be deleted by technical glitch or for any other reason. This is completely infringement of personal   freedom and security agencies overreach. 

 4) The Service providers requires a large data centre & man force to manage the huge encrypted data   daily thus by increasing the cost of internet packs.       

 This is the era of Internet Revolution. By placing these kinds of restrictions, govt is trying to abuse the   Right to privacy and distant people from using Internet,which should be available to all with less or no   restrictions.
By SK. Amer Arafath