Hyderabad-based MarketPlace IT Solutions has come up with an innovative e-commerce portal titled Sabrentkaro.com. The portal allows customers to rent products along with putting their under utilised assets for rent. People can list the things that are not currently in use and find someone who can rent it for sometime. 

“In a country like India there is a dire need of renting platforms as many of them look for renting things like computer systems, laptops, cameras, refrigerators, cars, bikes and the list goes on. Sabrentkaro.com is the final destination for all the rental needs. This revolutionary initiative reduces wastage and thus promotes greener environment.

It minimises carbon footprint by putting underutilised products that are not in use, into optimum use. Renting own products as a concept, this initiative brings entrepreneurship to every common person’s doorstep,“  says a release by the start-up. Sabrentkaro.com is going to be launched globally as renterkart.com.