Hyderabad: City-based i-lend.in, an online platform for lenders and borrowers, announced a partnership with US-based Jocata which would provide comprehensive customised KYC solutions for verifying borrowers online.   

The US company, a leading player in anti-money laundering and fraud control technologies, has built a comprehensive KYC solution to suit the requirements of i-lend, which will help the latter verify borrowers online in a span of 30 minutes. The startup is the first company that has implemented such a model of quick and comprehensive verification.  

“i-lend will be using this application to assess the borrowers KYC in few minutes and approve the loan requests. Joining with Jacota adds to our strength and allows us to offer quick services to the borrowers and reinforces our commitment to providing cutting edge tech processes in the P2P lending space,” said VVSSB Shankar, Founder, i-lend said.

Launched as an initiative of Dipamkara Web Ventures Private Limited, i-lend, an online peer-to-peer platform, connects borrowers who are in need of money to lenders who are ready to lend. It helps borrowers get loans at lower rates and lenders get better returns from mutually beneficial transactions between them.