Rajahmundry: Sports help students maintain physical fitness by relieving stress and enhancing their concentration, perfection and  strategy-development, said Deputy Chief Minister N Chinarajappa.

Speaking after inaugurating Maitri youth festival at Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIET) here on Thursday, he said it was sad to note that neither teachers nor the parents have been encouraging their students/wards to play games and sports. The Deputy Chief Minister stressed the importance of games along with education. Most students joining technical institutions were from corporate colleges which lacked sports facilities. Every student should excel in at least one game, he said.

He said that sports not only helped in building up stamina but also taught students that the game ought to be played according to rules and regulations. Moreover, it would inculcate in them a sense of tolerance and nurture team spirit, he added. 

Chinarajappa said that involvement in sports and games, would improve mental ability, and increase concentration, which in turn would lead to better academic performance. Education should be holistic so as to foster moral, spiritual, intellectual and physical excellence among students, he added.

He also called upon the college managements to encourage sports among girl students. He said health is wealth and needs to be maintained. Earlier, the Deputy Chief Minister unfurled the national flag. Executive Director, Garwood Centre for Corporate Innovations, University of California, Berkeley, Solomon Darwin unfurled the sports flag. Rajanagaram MLA Pendurthi Venkatesh declared youth festival open by releasing balloons into the air.