Fish medicine to be given on June 8, 9

Fish medicine to be given on June 8, 9

The indigenous free of cost 'fish medicine', meant for curing asthmatics, would be administered by the famous...

fish medicineThe indigenous free of cost 'fish medicine', meant for curing asthmatics, would be administered by the famous Bathini brothers of Dhoodhbowli, at the Exhibition Grounds in Nampally on June 8 and 9. A Speaking to the press personnel, the brothers stated that the free of cost miracle medicine would be offered from 1 pm on June 8 to 1 pm on June 9 at the venue. Bathini Harinath Goud alleged that the Jana Vignana Vedika (JVV) was trying to propagate a negative campaign against the medicine. Members of the JVV were trying to show the medicine in bad light by colluding with pharmaceuticals, the brothers claimed.

Distribution of the medicine is held on the day of Mrigasira Karti, which marks the onset of the monsoon according to the Hindu calendar. The Bathini brothers stuff a live sardine fish measuring 2-3 inches with yellow herbal medicine and drop it in the throat of a patient. The brothers also prepare a separate medicine for the vegetarians with the help of jaggery. But, vegetarians need to take the medicine for a longer period.

Thousands of people from the country come here every year to take the popular fish medicine. However, there is a severe criticism from scientists, doctors and organisations claiming that there is no scientific evidence to prove the medicinal value to cure any illness. But, asthma patients feel that they are benefitted from the medicine. On the other hand, the Bathini brothers claim that the ingredients of the medicine were revealed by a holy man to their great grandfather. The holy man, who revealed this cure, put forth two conditions � the medicine should be distributed free of cost and the formula behind the medicine should never be revealed.

The state fishery department supplies thousands of fishlings to the venue, while the APSRTC operates special buses to clear the huge rush for the event.

Frequency of medicine Generally, the medicine is administered thrice within a period of 45 days. All the portions of the given medicine, should be consumed on days of Arudra June 22, Punarvasu July 6 and Pushyami July 20. In addition, the Bathini brothers suggest 24 items to be avoided in the diet course, and if not adhered, the fish medicine will not yield the desired results.

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