Socio-economic survey 2012-13:Declining child sex ratio a major concern

Socio-economic survey 2012-13:Declining child sex ratio a major concern

Growth rate at 8.18 per cent better than nation's GDP of 8.02 per centA Fall in crop area from 72.9...

  • Growth rate at 8.18 per cent better than nation's GDP of 8.02 per centA
  • Fall in crop area from 72.9 lakh hectares to 66.3 lakh hectares
Hyderabad: Though Andhra Pradesh registered an average growth rate of 8.18 per cent against nation's GDP of 8.02 per cent at constant prices during the eleventh Five Year Plan of 2007-08 to 2011-12; the child sex ratio remains a concern as the state registered a decline by 18 points to 943 in 20011 from 961 in 2001 census, according to socio economic survey. The 2011 census places the State as India's fourth largest state in terms of area and fifth largest in terms of population. The State has 8.47 crore population. The reports says that there has been a decline in the cropped area under food grains from 72.9 lakh hectares of last year to an estimated 66.3 lakh hectares restricting the food grain production to 171 lakh tones in the year 2012-13. Interestingly, the GSDP for 2012-13, as per advance estimates and at constant (2004-05 prices is estimated to grow at 5.29 per cent, a little higher than all India growth rate of 4.96 per cent. Per capita income is a broad pointer of the standard of living of the people. As per the advance estimates of 2012-13, the per capita income of the State calculated at current prices increased to Rs 77,277 from Rs 68,970 in 2011-12, registering a growth rate of 12 per cent. As far as public finance is concerned, own tax revenue has been estimated at Rs 62,572 crore, registering a growth rate of 17.43 per cent over the previous year. Sales tax continues to be the major source of revenue for the State. The average daily retail prices of rice, redgram dal and groundnut oil have shown increasing trend whereas prices of tamarind, red chillies and onions in decreasing trend in the period April to December 2012 compared to the corresponding last year. Livestock sector has grown to a stage of dynamic industry alongside the milk production making quantum leap and meat production increasing substantially. The main goal of the twelfth Plan is faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth with a target of 10 per cent during the twelfth plan period of 2012-17 with the corresponding sectoral growth targets of 6 per cent for agriculture, 10.5 per cent for industry and 11.5 per cent for services.
State taxes grew by 18.04 pc
Hyderabad: The State government is cleverly imposing various taxes on the people to increase its revenue in a systematic way "stealing one's pocket without their knowledge". The government has been getting substantial income through various taxes, the report of Socio Economic Survey 2012-13 said. The State's own tax revenue grew by 18.04 per cent in the year 2011-12 over the previous year 2010-11 and stood at Rs 52,283 crore. Sales tax, excise, motor vehicle tax and stamps and registration contribute the bulk of tax revenue. The share of excise in the State tax revenue is around 17 per cent, sales tax revenue 67 per cent and six per cent from motor vehicle taxes. The government projected the tax revenue in its 2013-14 budget as Rs 77,000 crore. The Survey said that the government failed to reduce the prices of essential commodities. The State government is set to achieve sustainable and more inclusive growth in the twelfth five year plan - 2012-17 by targeting 10 per cent growth rate. The Socio-Economic Review evolved an overall strategy for twelfth plan by focusing on generation of employment to the millions of the youth in the state. For that, the government wanted to reduce unemployment and poverty through skill development and also help bridging multiple divides. The performance of the state economy during the last three Five Year plans has come out to be better than the national average, albeit marginally.
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