Sparks fly between CM-Harish

Sparks fly between CM-Harish

A Govt accused of neglecting T A Kiran A says things are done as per needs Hyderabad: The debate on...

  • A Govt accused of neglecting T A
  • Kiran A says things are done as per needs
hari2Hyderabad: The debate on no -confidence motion moved by TRS in the Assembly on Friday witnessed heated exchanges between T Harish Rao of the TRS and Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy. Harish Rao lashed at the government for showing discrimination against the region in all aspects. He said whatever little had been done was because of the heat the government had to face from separate Telangana agitation. Kiran Reddy shot back saying that he was not a person who can be cowed down. "I will not do anything under such pressure. The government's acts are based on the needs of each region. Don't talk like a rowdy. The louder you try to shout, the reaction will be equally loud. There is no question of me getting scared" Kiran said. He said TRS came into active politics only because of the alliance it had with Congress. At one point of time, Chief Minister lost his cool and in an angry tone told Harish Rao that if he thinks that government would bow down to his threats, he will not give even one rupee. This led to near pandemonium in the House and finally the issue got resolved with both sides agreeing to withdraw the harsh words they had used. Harish Rao alleged that the government was supplying seven hour power in the Andhra region while it was supplied for only two hours in Telangana which had led to farmers committing suicide. He said while the Andhra region had other sources of irrigation, Telangana was solely depending on bore wells but the government had failed to recognized the importance to supply power for this backdward region. Referring to the irrigation projects he said the pace at which the Pranahita- Chevella project was progressing, it would take another 30 years before it was completed. Harish said, the file pertaining to Kantalapalli lift irrigation project was sent to the CM 20 times but he did not bother to clear it. The Congress party was favouring the corporate sector and there was no transparency in the government's functioning. That was why the TRS had been fighting for separate state. He said the government had not even set up enough medical colleges in the region. The Osmania, Gandhi and Kakatiya medical colleges were established before Telangana was merged with Andhra state. The government had now sanctioned a college at Adilabad because of the heat generated by the T agitation and because they forced him to sanction it by "holding collar". Intervening, the Chief Minister strongly denied the charges and said, "I was born on this land, I grew up here and I studied here. Harish should mind his language." The government sanctions funds and projects depending upon the requirement of the region and not because someone puts pressure. He said since the government was aware that T region was backward, it had been focusing attention on irrigation, power and industries. A tractor factory was set up in Medak only a few days back. Aircraft spare parts project was also established in T region. The state government had signed an agreement with Maharashtra on Pranahita -Chevella project. All that he had done for Chitoor district was to sanction a drinking water project, he said. An MoU was signed today for a car factory. Taking pot shots at TRS, he said they had created obstacles for students with agitations. It had also slowed down the progress of the region, he added. This led to wordy duel between both sides. It got resolved only after the Speaker intervened and said that he would examine the records and expunge any unparliamentary or derogatory remarks were found. Kiran and Harish Rao also said they were withdrawing their remarks against each other.
'The only PM without ghat in Delhi is from Telangana'
Cong forgot to honour former prime minister PV Narasimha Rao, says Harish Rao
Hyderabad: The government faced some embarrassing moments when the TRS leader T Harish Rao listed out points on how the Congress government had ignored the people and the leaders of the Telangana region. Harish said that discrimination was done not only to the State, but also to the son of the soil, former prime minister PV Narasimha Rao. "While all former prime ministers have ghats in Delhi, PV was denied such an honour. The Congress completely forgot him. It was only a private news channel (read HMTV, The Hans India) which took an initiative in recalling the greatness of PV and reviving his memories," Harish said. "Though, approximately 1,000 students have lost their lives in the movement, the government did not even offer a condolence. Are people from Telangana not part of the State?" he asked. Remarking that Deputy Chief Minister's post was given to the T region to dilute the T issue, he said that people from the region have always been deputies only.
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