Dr Pillay at the ‘Doctor’s Training Programme’ organised in Guntur
Dr Pillay at the ‘Doctor’s Training Programme’ organised in Guntur

In an attempt, to raise awareness about Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of pesticide-poisoning in the medical fraternity, CropLife India organised a Training Program’ and released a ‘Health Practitioners’ Handbook on April 11 in Guntur.  The Program aimed at imparting training to the doctors on the management of pesticide poisoning, ensuring medical practitioners are equipped to treat patients affected by pesticide poisoning.

The training session led by Dr Pillay, Head -Toxicology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kerala, was attended by doctors from government and private hospitals in and around Guntur. The workshop was part of CropLife India’s Stewardship program, which intends to guide the doctors to deal with poisoning incidents occurred while using various crop protection products.

Addressing the medical professionals, Dr Pillay said, “CropLife India has a long history of creating awareness and building capacity on sustainable practices to farmers through its Stewardship programs.

This Program in Guntur is an extension to their existing curriculum to support the farmer’s community and help doctors in dealing with the basic treatment for Pesticide poisoning” Brij Uberoi, CEO, CropLife India, added, “Stewardship being one of the key engagements for CropLife India, this unique initiative has been kicked off in Guntur and we plan to reach out to all the states in the country.

CropLife India through other stewardship programs is spreading awareness about how to protect our health, store chemicals safely and differentiate genuine and spurious products while purchasing”.

He also added that the ‘Health Practitioners’ Handbook can be used by the doctors as a ready reckoner while treating patients diagnosed with pesticide poisoning.