Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu speaking at the CRDA review meeting at the Secretariat on Wednesday. Ministers P Narayana, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and others are seen.
Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu speaking at the CRDA review meeting at the Secretariat on Wednesday. Ministers P Narayana, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and others are seen.

Amaravati: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu directed the officials to develop Sakhamuru Regional Park in the capital Amaravati region as the most beautiful park, which should be the biggest amusement park in the world.


  • Sakhamuru Regional Park is designed for people from all walks of life 
  • It will have four zones
  • Zone-1 will have an amusement park spread over 34 acres
  • It will have spaces for laser shows, musical fountains, an amphitheatre and craft bazaar
  • Zone-2 is dedicated to children
  • Zone-3 spread over 49 acres is dedicated to nature lovers
  • Zone-4 will house Ambedkar Park
  • CM Naidu says the park will be iconic landmark in the State
As part of CRDA weekly review meeting at the Secretariat, Amaravati Development Corporation (ADC) gave a presentation on Sakhamuru Regional Park to the Chief Minister.

The park has been designed by HCP Design, Planning and Management, Ahmedabad.Reviewing the ADC proposal, the Chief Minister asked the officials to change the name to one that will be dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi.

  Expressing immense satisfaction over the proposal, he said the park will be a new tourist attraction and an iconic landmark of Andhra Pradesh. 

The regional park is designed for people from all walks of life, as it includes activities for children and family outings, nature lovers, the health-conscious, the culturally rooted and intellectually inclined. It will include entertainment spots, carnivals and spaces for events, gatherings and more. 

The proposal further elaborated that this park will be divided into four zones, all of which will be connected to a reservoir in the middle.  Zone 1, of 85 acres in all, will include an amusement park spread over 34 acres.

 It will have spaces for laser shows, musical fountains, an amphitheatre, craft bazaar and traditional haat (plaza) and a 3-star resort with lake-view cottages and forest cottages. The Chief Minister asked the committee to spend time on research, to bring the world’s best amusement and water rides to Andhra Pradesh. 

The master-plan for Zone 2 is dedicated to children. The 34-acre zone will have a play area, adventure activities for small age groups, entertainment units, a separate area for pets and animal lovers, boating facility at the edge of the reservoir, zip lines, trampolines and a water-play area with a shallow pool. 

Zone 3 of the park will be a quiet space over 49 acres, more dedicated to containing wilderness for nature lovers. The green areas will be filled with indigenous biodiversity, a flower garden, walking trails, camping spots, yoga and meditation areas, a naturalistic experience at the edge of the reservoir and a duck pond for aquatic bird nesting. 

The design for zone 4 will have a unique attraction, the sculpture park or Ambedkar park. This 73-acre zone will also have a 5-star resort, a culture museum, vast grounds for events and fairs, sports and community fitness spaces, athletic centres and an indoor clubhouse. 

At the end of their presentation, the Chief Minister suggested that a night safari must be an attraction isolated to one part of zone 3, so that the wildlife may remain undisturbed from the daily activities of the park. 

For all the vendor-based activities, ADC Managing Director Lakshmi Parthasarathi said that a workshop will be held soon, to finalise on the best vendors. The vendors will be required for the amusement rides, laser and fountain shows, adventure rides, food courts, craft bazaar, zipline, trampoline among many more.

HCP will be playing a key role in designing and executing plans for the infrastructural design components like parking, pedestrian bridges, water bodies, open greens, seating, food courts and others. Officially, HCP will be the “Green Consultant” for this project, for ecological inputs and planting palettes.

The Chief Minister instructed them to immediately start working on research and development with nurseries, to finalise on the biodiversity in the park. “My ambition is the park should be among the best in the world.

 Conduct extensive research on the craziest and most attractive rides in the world, and bring them here. The food courts must be of high quality and cater well to all tastes. Add another hotel, and a shopping mall, so that people can stay for a couple of days to enjoy the park,” Naidu said.


A representative from HCP Design, Planning & Management Pvt. Ltd., presented the detailed master plan.