Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu
Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu

, #Vijayawada: In a fervent appeal to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, Telugu Bhashodyama Samakhya stated here on Wednesday that there was an urgent need to establish Telugu Development Authority as promised by him on August 29, 2016 in connection with the Telugu Language Day celebrations.


  • Telugu Bhashodyama Samakhya seeks measures for promotion of Telugu   
  •  It says govt should immediately issue orders introducing Telugu as medium of teaching in all the government and private primary schools
  •  Appeals to the Chief Minister to introduce Telugu in the administration
MLC Balasubrahmanyam and Dr Samala Ramesh Babu, president of Samakhya, addressing newsmen recalled that the State government has been organising the Telugu Day celebrations every year on August 29 and the Chief Minister has been making tall promises which are not being implemented. 

Instead of promoting Telugu, it appears that the government has been repressing the language both in education and administration, they rued. 

They recalled that the Chief Minister announced the formation of Telugu Development Authority on August 29, last year. He had even formed a committee to suggest recommendations for the formation of authority. However, the committee submitted its recommendations nine months late and the recommendations are lying with the CM’s office for the last three months. 

They deplored that the State government took a decision removing Telugu medium from schools even before the committee submitted its recommendations. “It is really sad that the Cabinet members are openly giving statements that there would be no future if the children study in Telugu,” they lamented.
They said that it was high time that the government came out with its language policy both in education and administration. “There is a ministry for language only for the namesake since it has no budget or any activity,” they said.    

They appealed to the Chief Minister to ratify the recommendations of the committee on Telugu Development Authority before the Telugu Language Day on August 29 and announce the formation of the Authority on that day. They also appealed to the Chief Minister to withdraw GO 14 which removed Telugu medium in the primary education and related orders and continue the old policy.

The State government should immediately issue orders introducing Telugu as medium of teaching in all the government and private primary schools, they demanded.  They appealed to the Chief Minister to implement people’s language Telugu in the administration with effect from August 29 and he should set an example by introducing the same from the Chief Minister’s office. 

MLC Balasubrahmanyam flayed Minister Narayana for issuing orders in a highhanded manner though education is not his portfolio by announcing withdrawal of Telugu language in the primary schools.