Tobacco ryots lathicharged
Tobacco ryots lathicharged

Eluru:  Police caned the tobacco farmers fpr bstructing the revenue staff from removing the tobacco plantations in the fields that acquired under Land Acquisition Act for the displaced people of Polavaram. During the scuffle between the farmers and police, a police constable of Armed Reserve was injured.

According to sources, the government has acquired agriculture lands at Darbhagudem village to construct housing colonies for the Polavaram project displaced. However, after the award of the acquisition, the farmers who got the compensation planted the saplings of tobacco in the lands.

The tribes complained to the District Collector that their lands are still under cultivation and they are unable to move to Darbhagudem as no houses were constructed at the place allotted.

Following this, on the directive of the Collector, the revenue staff with police reached Darbhagudem and started removing the tobacco saplings with earth movers. The tobacco farmers, including women, went into the field, and obstructed the revenue staff. 

The farmers stated that they cultivated the tobacco by spending thousands of rupees.  The revenue Officials tried to convince them but in vain. As the farmers started obstructing the officials, police intervened and tried to pull the farmers from the fields.  

At one stage, the farmers pushed the police and in the mêlée, one AR constable was injured and several people, including women, were injured. As the farmers did not leave the lands. Police  caned the farmers to disperse them from the field. Tension prevailed in the village till evening.