Drinking water  pipeline laid in  the drain at Anandpeta in  Guntur
Drinking water pipeline laid in the drain at Anandpeta in Guntur

Guntur: Residents of Anandapeta said that they lodged a complaint with the Guntur Municipal Corporation officials several times on contamination of drinking water, but in vain. They expressed fear over the supply of contaminated drinking water which may affect their health.

The higher officials in the municipal administration department made an announcement that they would supply drinking water through tankers, but they failed to do so, they lamented. 

Speaking to The Hans India here on Thursday, Jafullah Khan, a resident of Anandapeta, said that three persons in his family were undergoing treatment in the hospital due to diarrhoea caused after drinking contaminated water.

He said that for the past four days, they were getting dirty water in their taps. Due to leakage in pipelines, drinking water was getting contaminated, giving rise to water borne diseases.

Waheeda, residing at Anandapeta, said that due to outbreak of diarrhoea, they were forced to purchase drinking water can for the past few days. She said that each can, which was sold  at Rs 20, was now being sold at Rs 30. Demand for mineral water bottles was increasing due to contamination of drinking water, she lamented. She said that drains were not being cleaned in their area and demanded that the GMC supply safe drinking water at least now.

Santosham,  a resident of Anandapeta, said that due to consumption of contaminated water, her family members were suffering from acute stomach pain. They were purchasing mineral water  at a higher price, she said.  The GMC staff has no commitment to solve the problem. The pipelines supplying drinking water were laid through drains which led to contamination, she added. 

The GMC engineering department officials were digging in Anandpeta area to identify leakages from the damaged drainage pipelines. They are shifting drinking water pipelines from the drains.

They are using JCB and using machines to clean the pipelines. GMC superintending engineer D Mariyanna said that they supplied drinking water through tankers to Anandpet here on Thursday and took steps to shift the drinking water pipelines from the side drains. We are cleaning the drains, he added.