State not utilising Pulichintala fully
State not utilising Pulichintala fully

Vijayawada: Though KL Rao Sagar Pulichintala Irrigation Project is vital to the needs of Krishna Delta farmers, its utility is minimised. The 45.77 tmc ft storage capacity of the project was dedicated to public almost five years ago, water had not reached to half of gross storage capacity level at least once so far.

Irrigation officials say the Godavari waters could be diverted to Pulichintala project by setting up reverse turbines. In fact, the project is located in Nalgonda district between Jaggaiahpet and Suryapet but its main purpose is to supply water to needs of Krishna Delta especially to stabilise the delta ayacut.  

According to officials, currently only 2 tmc ft of water is available in Pulichintala project and the water levels not crossed at least double digit tmc ft except once during the last five years. Declining water levels in Krishna basin led to the present situation of the project. Only one tmc ft of water reached from Nagarjunasagar to Pulichintala project in the last kharif season.

The multipurpose project was constructed by spending nearly Rs 1,900 crore. The 120 mw hydro-electric power generation unit, a part of the project, is also not generating power since its establishment. Currently the project is aimed at supplying water for 13 lakh acres of ayacut in Krishna Delta under the limits of Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam and West Godavari districts. But, now the situation forced the state government to draw water from Godavari river. There are abundant water reserves in Godavari. 

According to reports, nearly 1,000 tmc ft of water goes waste into sea every year.  In this backdrop, the state government started the lifting of water for the project for the last three years. Now, the irrigation experts and the officials opined that the Godavari water should be diverted to Pulichintala to revive the project. Former irrigation official D Madhusudana Rao said the Godavari water could be diverted from Krishna to Pulichintala.

He said the government had plans in this regard.Former drainage board member  Erneni Nagendra Nath said that he had submitted the proposal to the state government towards lifting of water from Krishna to Pulichintala by setting up reverse turbines. He said the water could be supplied for second crop in Krishna delta, if the water is diverted to Pulichintala.

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